Nayatel is better than other ISPs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Why Nayatel is better than other ISPs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi?

Ever wondered why first fiber to the home company Nayatel is better than other ISPs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi?

Today After using 6 internet services I came to write this. I will tell you top reasons why Nayatel is better than others and little introduction to all of these ISPs.

Here is the list of services I have used;

  • PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited)
  • Wi-Tribe
  • Nayatel
  • Jazz/Ufone
  • Transworld

Top reasons why Nayatel is better than other ISPs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

  • Customer Support
    • Their customer support is awesome and trust me no comparison with any private company in Pakistan.
    • All you have to send an SMS or whatsapp and your complaint is generated and forwarded to concern teams.
    • Sometimes it takes 2 days else problem is always solved in a single day.
  • Internet Speed (Upload and Download)
    • They provide what they commit.
    • If you have 10 Mbps package you will get 10 Mbps.
    • Upload/Download to any media is amazing.
    • If you skype/video calls to international relative/friends, you will never face lack or video loading.
    • Just click on youtube or netflix you will not wait for streaming, it plays.
  • Great Gaming Experince
    • Are you a Gammer, do not think twice and go for Nayatel. No questions asked.
    • After they introduced Optimus it became better.
    • Amazing service is that you can get desired bandwidth for your desired time.
  • Voice and HD TV services
    • As we all know, Nayatel is Triple play means they provide internet, TV services and phone landline services on single line.
    • Still they give the best service possible.
  • Their Staff
    • They hire staff, train them, provide sessions.
    • Their staff is highly trained and have grip on their product knowledge.
    • You will not see 2 faces because their staff is on one page. You will not hear 2 different things from 2 different people.
    • Also they are honest and respect all people.
      • Example I heard was, once there was this installation team installing connection at home, the guy found some gold ring, He could have packed it in his own pocket but how honest he was that he reached out to the owner of the house and handed him over. The customer was so glad that he wrote appreciation email. This kind of honest they are.

My journey from PTCL to Transworld as customer.

When I started using PTCL back in 2015 in sector I-8, It was going good untill it rained. When I put complaint all I heard was, “Services are down due to rain, they will be back on track once the weather is favorable.” I was so pissed and got rid of it somehow.

After that I went to blue area and opt for Wi Tribe. Same issue faced with Witribe too. They said 4 Mbps speed but did not even get .5 Mbps. This was sad as they did not provide what they committed for.

So I started using 3G and 4G internet service provider but they were expensive and had issues if I were in the corner of my home. I experienced Ufone 3G and Jazz Mobilink 3G.

After I moved from I-8 to other place where Nayatel was available. From that day till I experienced Transworld Nayatel has been great. Faced technical issue once only because of fiber cut.

Nowadays I am thinking to move to Transworld as I have heard their charges are very low and they are providing truly unlimited internet with up to 100 Mbps speed to home customers.

Let me now put down the little intro of all companies:


It is one old ISP in Pakistan which has major market shares in whole Pakistan. They are now upgrading their infrastructure to fiber optics and they are calling it Naya Network.


It is an arabic wireless internet provider in major cities of Pakistan but it has been failing lately.


It is first fiber to the home in Asia. Since then it has been capturing market share of major cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad and Peshawar. As per the news they have plan to start their services in Lahore in 2020.


Now they are proud owners of submarines fiber optic cable. They are part of Tier 1. One good thing about them is that they provide free unlimited services.

Which service you are using? Let Us know in the comments.

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