Google asked employees not to use ZOOM

Why Google asked employees not to use ZOOM?

In such unfortunate situation when whole world started to shift to work from home and locked down, ZOOM was only option for video calls came in mind for majority of the people.

Here is the top reasons why google asked employees not to use ZOOM;

  • Google has its own video conferencing service called Google Hangout.
  • Company wants its employees to use their very own software rather than 3rd party.
  • ZOOM has privacy and security issues and Google wants to save itself from any threat.


Google also stopped ZOOM on tier1 from back end.

ZOOM is not secure and records your chats. Recently ZOOM’s top lead confirmed that they record and can see the chats in private video calls and conference.

As privacy and security is number one priority in this digital time of the year, many people stopped using it and found alternate solutions.

Here is the list of alternate of ZOOM for video calls;

Top 8 softwares for video conferencing, #5 is my favorite.

Well the question rises here, Why employees at google uses 3rd party software and doesn’t use their own?

This is a big question mark on google’s services and many expert want the answers.

  • Is hangout not user friendly?
  • Because it is not FREE?
  • Or it is paid for even employees too?

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