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What is the difference between marketing and sales?

What is the difference between marketing and sales?

What is the difference between marketing an sales - marketist - marketing guru.

Sales and marketing are the back bone of any company, they are interlinked having same aim of increasing company’s revenues.

In small firms they are considered to be same, same teams do both tasks while on the other hand big firms separates them with distinct aims.


  • Marketing Is one to multiple
    • Means marketing targets as a whole.
  • It is a Long term.
    • It’s focus is on long term, their decision are for long term of the company based on analysis.
  • M is creating potential customers.
    • By marketing people get awareness and they become potential customers.
  • M tells the story of an organization, its services and products, its offers and discount.
    • In other word it works as story teller.
  • Organizational brand depends on marketing.
    • Brand’s reputation is marketing’s responsibility.
  • Marketing also works as data collector and analyzer on which company’s decisions are made.
    • Market research and coming up with average results is task of marketing.
  • Marketing is generating leads.
  • M teams have no target.

On the other hand,


  • Sales is one to one.
    • It is made by single sales person to single customer.
  • It is short term.
    • Once sale is made, we need to find new customer to make another sale.
  • Gives the reality check to the product/services marketed by marketing
  • Sales plays vital role in relationship building with customer.
    • Once sale is made, the customer will may return to the same brand that is true relationship.
  • It’s closing lead as won.
  • S teams have target.

Team Marketing sets the pitch for sales team who could come and hit boundaries, complete their targets and enjoy commission.

Trust me, marketing and sales are the front face of any organization, if the both are happy customer will surely be happy. So why not spending some money on their training and international visits.

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