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Waves – Jitna deep, utna meat – ad review

Waves! Naam e kafi hai to Jitna Deep, Utna Meat.

Recent campaign of Waves, 1 of the largest company who makes refrigerator and deep freezers, has gone viral on bari eid (Eid-ul-Azha).

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Tagline is catchy, unique, easy to remember and defined well the space of refrigerator but the connection with meat was questionable, let me share some of the feedback found on Facebook after this famous page known as the The Humorists shared the tweet of Mr Faizan;

Marketist - - marketing guru - waves - jitna deep - utna meat - deep campaign 2


  • The tagline reveals the writer’s secretive, unfulfilled fetishes. And I bet he is married but UNHAPPY and probably cheating on his wife. And if that’s a SHE, then her HUSBAND is very LUCKY.
  • the guy from hardees has joined waves
  • when the content writer is a meemer
  • We still talking about refrigerator here?

This campaign got viral because;

  • The wordings used are quite thoughtful and may lead to negative thoughts.
  • I mean you can not connect 2 things
    • Deep
    • Meat
  • I just wanna ask the guy when did he plan this campaign? Curious You  know :p

What are your thoughts when I tell you “jitna deep, utna meat?”

What the guy who started this campaign thought;

  • Fridge has more space than available fridges in market.
  • You can save meat after qurbani for your own use after qurbani for BBQ.
  • You can save many perishable things in it for long term.
  • It is electricity beneficial.
  • Answer to every deep problem.
  • This is for joint families who live together, they will not need separate fridges for every1, but this only 1 will serve all.
  • This campaign was designed to save people from bad and smelly freezer after eid.
  • It is deep enough to hold every occasion.
  • That is why they call it deep freezer.

Please comment and let readers know if you were Marketer, how would you design the campaign?

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