easy recipes you can make with dates

Top easy recipes you can make with dates this Ramazan.

Hello Hello, Holy Ramaza is here. We have gathered top easy recipes you can make using dates.

We all have dates with maximum quantity in Ramazan, most people use 2 dates in and a glass of milk and that is their Sehri, on the other hand we have iftari with 2 dates and bit of fruit.

Trust me it will make your mouth watery when you will read these amazing recipes, I am feeling the same.

1. Dates stuffed with cheese.

Ummm yummy, cheese is something which adds value to anything. Gather some cheese be it goat cheese or anyother and mix it with nuts and parsley. Remove that ghutli from date and stuff that mixed cheese.

2. Kheer with date and pistachio

What a combination and that in kheer. Make kheer and stuff it with dates and pistachios.

3. Date Brownies:

Are you the one like me who goes to some specific cafe after iftari to have favorite brownie? Now you can make it at home with dates.

Forget white sugar and add some dates and have a great date with brownie.

4. Khujoor Shake

You are unlucky if you have not enjoyed this or never made it all by yourself.

Pick the juicer, add milk and few dates. Grind them and have fresh shake.

5. Date Chutney:

Want to have sweet chatni? Just grind few dates and add some honey.

Trust Me, you have to you you will have the joy of whole world when you dip your samosa or pakora in it.

Yes? Having watery mouth? Wait for it and make it yourself these and enjoy with your family during locked down this Ramazan.

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