Top Computer Skills to Put on Your CV

Top Computer Skills to Put on Your CV.

Did you know that 70 – 90 % organizations have shifted to online models of the company. Almost every company is trying or already shifted to paperless environment.

Organizations need people who are good with computers and are up to date with the technology.

Job Seekers must have minimum one digital or computer skill which he can put in CV while applying for any Job. We all are good at something sometimes it is hardware and sometimes it is software.

Nowadays recruiter may not ask you whether you know MS word or not because S/he already assumes that you know. It is better to write some computer skills because they are some fruit every one wants in the plate.

Here is the list of Top Computer Skills to Put on Your CV;
  • Operating System
  • Google Drive
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Presentations

Operating System:

Many companies use Windows and others prefer Apple Mac. Listing down this increases the chances for employment as employer may find you the right candidate and arrange a training if you expertise any different.

Google Drive:

Companies now prefer google drive as this has made easy and more convenient when it comes to share files with multiple users at same time. Also multiple users can edit same files as per their given task.

Google drive contains;
  • Docs (An alternate to MS Word)
  • Sheets (An alternate of MS Excel)
  • Slides (An alternate of MS Powerpoint)
  • Forms (This is very useful for creating forms or registrations)

Social Media:

Social Media like facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, youtube etc plays vital role in building company’s brand online. Having this skill means you can manage all these platforms and provide strategy for creating more leads and customers.

Companies invest a lot for marketing and if you have this skill you can bring business by creating online ads for the company.


Majority companies make email as point of contact for sending proposals to potential clients, replying to existing customers or even inter departmental communication.

Email skill includes writing and sending emails, maintaining rules of email folders in outlook, taking follow ups on emails etc.


Most presentations are made on powerpoint or google slide. It is not about using it but using it efficiently. Adding this skill may shine your CV among others as many managers need these people because they do not have time to manage these things.

Also if you are applying for personal assistant job to CEO/Executive levels.

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