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Professional tips for job seekers at Pro Student

Before we list down all the professional tips for job seekers, please keep this tip in mind that,

Finding a Job is a full time job.

Call yourself employed who’s work is to apply to jobs regularly to find the best option available in the market.

Here is the list of tips you should consider when you are looking for a right job;
  • Know about yourself.
  • Know your industry where you want to step in.
  • Your resume/cv
  • Brand yourself online (Likedin and other job portals)
  • Do not limit yourself online.
  • Build new contacts and use existing
  • Set daily goals of applying for jobs.
  • Have patience and relax yourself.
  • Learn new skills till you get your first job
  • Schedule your day as you are on job
  • Internship

Know about yourself:

Ask yourself these questions before applying;

  • Why do you need a job?
    • Do you need a job because everyone else has it or you want to earn money and enjoy in the club in night?
    • Do you want to grow in your professional career and want to start stepping up on ladder?
  • What are your short term and long term goals?
    • Short term goals are the ones which are for a month or 6 months.
      • Eg: Short term goal is to buy a car in 6 months or an iphone etc
    • Long term goals are your lifetime goals.
      • Eg: Long term goal is to be next steve jobs or become CEO of google etc.
  • Is it enough that you get the job in specific company or you want to grow further?
    • Is getting job your objective or you want the job in which you could grow further. Eg: Join as Assistant Executive and promote to Assistant Manager and keep moving upwards.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    • Nobody knows you better than you. You need to know your weaknesses and strengths, no one can help you find them. If someone says to you that s/he can help, trust me s/he is lying or does not want you to grow.
  • What is your priority?
    • Prioritize things for yourself.
      • Title | Money | Company culture | Location | Promotion etc

Know your industry where you want to step in:

At this stage you know yourself better now you should do some research as per your need. Here are few steps to do some industry research;

  • List down companies where you want to apply.
  • Keep a record of every company’s contact details where you have applied.
  • Follow up every 15 days to know any update on your application.
  • Tick mark on companies which selected you and rejected you.
  • Share the same data to help others too.

Your resume/CV:

Resume and CV is like a key to unlock the door. Correct resume may open up the correct lock for you. So, spend sometime on your resume.

Internet is full of templates and everything, all you have is to put details and make CV.

Note: Update your CV as per the requirement of the employer, do not send the same CV to multiple organizations.


Brand yourself online (Linkedin and other job portals):

Nowadays as technology is taking over the world, you need to make yourself available on the online platforms as employer may check complete details about you.

Linkedin is one of the leading job portal in the world and most multinational companies post jobs there.

Note: Mention linkedin link on your CV/Resume. MUST!

Do not limit yourself online:

Linkedin is good but HR likes the applicants who visit them for a job as this shows seriousness to the job.

Visiting any organization is a plus point for any applicant who is looking for a job. So get dressed up and visit the office where you want to do your first job.

Build new contacts and use existing:

Referrals help you to get to interview in many organization. Take sometime and visit every job fair and make some useful links who may help you to get to interview.

Your existing links include your friends, family, teachers and colleagues. Make good relation with them for this important cause.

Set daily goals of applying for jobs:

Setting a goal or to do list is habit of all successful people. Make a goal let’s say today you will apply in 300 companies, try every possible thing to achieve your goal.

Achieving your day goal will help you in your job too.

Have patience and relax yourself:


Finding a job is indeed a lengthy process, it may take days, weeks and sometimes months. Have patience, do not panic and get worried. This will leave worst impact on your health. Remember:

Health is wealth!

Learn new skills till you get your first job:

This is the most important tip for your career. Always try to learn new things be it small skill or any certification.

In today’s world apart from education employer ask to list down your skills.

Skills could be;

  • Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Certifications

Schedule your day as you are on job:

Schedule your day like you go to regular job.

  • Breakfast at 7
  • Start applying for jobs
  • Take break
  • Then apply
  • Lunch at 2
  • work on a skill
  • Do your other works in the evening.


Till you get full time job if you get a chance to do internship be it paid or free, do it. Do not give second thoughts to it.

Internship teaches you a lot and trains you for your job. You can experience office work environment and teaches you communication and writing skills.

Note: It also teaches you how to make a cup of tea and coffee. On the other hand you become expert in printing and photocopying stuff.

Reading Books or newspapers:

In the last this may not help you find a good job but you will make good habit of reading. Also you will get to know current affairs and other bookish knowledge.

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