Top companies which offer best home security services in Pakistan

Top companies which offer best home security services in Pakistan

Top companies which offer best home security services in Pakistan.

Securing home is the first priority when it comes to secure all the belongings and loved ones. We have seen so many robberies, car stealing and other scary incidents on daily basis.

When we go to police stations, their questions starts with;

  • Do you have camera?
  • Did you see anyone?

In most cases we fail to catch the criminals because of not having cameras and security systems.

Almost all of us search about the best security providers in Pakistan. We have collected some information and listed it down.

Here are the Top companies which offer best home security services in Pakistan;

  • Zims Security Private Limited
  • Haris Enterprises Security
  • Phoenix Armour
  • Reichert Security
  • Shehzada Security Services

It is not limited to these but they are known to be trusted in the market.

Zims Security Pvt Ltd.

Zims was launched back in 1992 in Islamabad.

Being 3 decades old they have mastered in providing security to major residential and commercial projects. It is operating around all over Pakistan.

As per market information, many brands are dependent on their security systems.

Following are the major services of Zims Security Pvt Ltd.:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Wired Panic Button (For Emergencies)
  • Vibration Sensors (For Home Windows)
  • Burglary Systems
  • Fire-Alarms
  • Home Surveillance

111-111-946 | [email protected]  |

Haris Enterprises Security:

Since 1998 Haris Enterprises Security has been rapidly growing all over Pakistan.

It is trustworthy because it has covered major embassies in Pakistan in all major cities.

Company uses state of the art security and cutting edge technology with the support of professional and experienced workforce.

Also it holds major licenses from government’s different departments.

Services of Haris Enterprises Security are:

  • Intruder’s Alarm
  • Video Surveillance
  • Security Assessment

111-624-427 | [email protected] |

Phoenix Armour:

Phoenix Armour is older and more trustworthy than the above 2.

They claim that you cannot loose a coin of rupee under our surveillance.

List of major services of Phoenix Armour:

  • Surveillance of cameras
  • Fire Detectors
  • Guarding Services
  • ACS (Access Control Systems)
  • Security Alarm

111-288-288 | [email protected] |

Reichert Security:

Reichert Security System Brand Logo

Reichert Security is lahore based brand.

Note below services of Reichert Security:

  • Protocol of Bride and Groom
  • Security of Events
  • Guarding
  • Overseas Facilitation

 0300-0909000 | [email protected] |

Shehzada Security Services:

Shehzada Security masters in providing alarm systems to its customers. Here is the list:

  • Burglary
  • Emergency
  • Fire
  • Duress

021-35802306 |[email protected]

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