Top Best Dressed Celebrities at HUM Style awards.

Top Best Dressed Celebrities at HUM Style awards.

Top Best Dressed Celebrities at HUM Style awards includes Mahnoor Baloch (Old in age yet beautiful than youngsters.

Well, HUM Awards are considered to be award ceremony but main focus is always dressing of all the people present. Who is wearing who and color scheme is something we need to know.

Well, there is some bad news about Mahira’s and Saba Qamar’s fans, I will share at the end of this article. Till then lets see who is looking stunning.

After seeing below dresses many people may say we are in Pakistan, this is not what our culture teaches and many other things but trust me, ladies in this award show HUM Awards 2020 has left all men behind in fashion.

Mira Sethi:

Mira Sethi

Hello to the blue lady Mira Sethi in HUM Awards 2020. Dont miss those abs guys, they are the result of Mira’s latest gym work. Wondering who is weaing? well it is Hussain Rehar.

Mahnoor Baloch:

Ever wondered this lady will always be young. This lady never gets old I have been seeing her since my childhood, she has been same since then.

Hold your breathes, I know that feeling. :p

She has styled by Mehnahel and Mehreen.

Zara Noor Abbas:

Wow, love for purple has increased today. Zara weaing Asim Jofa in Hum Style Awards 2020.

Ayesha Omer:

Nabeel’s khoobsoorat is looking very khoobsoorat in this outfit. Outfit by Elan.

Asad Siddiqui:

Not leaving step behind after his wife. He has been dressed well and wearing Munib Nawaz Outfit.

Well yes, you scrolled down to read bad news, well unfortunately Mahira Khan and Saba Qamar could not participate else I would have added their outfit for sure.

Wanna see other celebrities dresses and fashion on Hum Awards 2o20? Here is official insta account.

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