Thora Aur Khao by Soya Supreme

Thora Aur Khao by Soya Supreme – AD Review

Thora Aur Khao by Soya Supreme – AD Review

Thora Aur Khao is another food anthem for foodies. Advertisments for food companies are very difficult but once they get attention of the viewer it gets viral.

Now in the latest ad campaign of Soya Supreme has gone viral becuase of visual and song, it has kind of become new food anthem for Pakistani food lovers.

We all want to taste every food but wish we could not get any health issues. Considering the fact that we may get fats, heart issues, or other health concern. We make ourselves limited to specific foods.

Have you ever thought of eating anything with confience that they will not effect our healthy life? Soya Supreme gives that confidence in their latest ad campaign.

Here is the link of the ad;

Ad has shown all the major events happen in any house,

  • It starts with love of mother connecting to the tarkey wali daal.
  • But when dulhan was leabving the house here came the tasty qorma,
  • Good day celebration with halwa puri,
  • Kept the friendship with all the chineese and fast food,
  • When felt sad brought up the fries,
  • When won the match they treated themselves with curry on rice,
  • Congratulated when he got the job,
  • And in the end they showed the love between wife and husband with speghiti.

Ad Review;

Thora Aur Khao by Soya Supreme
The marketing team has connected every dot so well that viewer could not resist him/herself from watching it. From the love of mother to the love of love birds, everything is well placed.

I would give 10/10 to this ad. Because

  • It got my attention.
  • I remember whole song and calling it anthem.
  • Visuals are amazing.
  • Ofcourse at the end act is awesome.
  • They have covered every age group, because nowadays every one wants to eat different.

About Soya Supreme:

Soya Supreme is in the market since 1990s, It has been nominated in top 3 edible oil brands in Pakistan.

It is owned by Agro Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Ltd (APAG).

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