Kar le jo krna ha - Ali Gul Pir

Kar le jo krna ha – Ali Gul Pir

Kar le jo krna ha – Ali Gul Pir

Ali Gul Pir just came up with the song and calling its own song chano ki maut (Death of Channo). You must be wondering what that could mean? Well remember song “channo ki ankh ma 1 nasha hai”

Well Wadere ka Beta star Ali Gul Pir does not take the name of famous singer Ali Zafar directly in the song, but after listening to whole song you will also say it is directed to Ali Zafar.

Previously Ali Zafar also faced some difficulties in his career taking stand against Meesha Shafi case.

Well coming back to Kar le jo krna ha by Ali Gul Pir.

History between the two stars;

In previous months Ali Zafar had issued a legal notice to Ali Gul Pir on using on disrespectful attitude. In response to that AGP issued an statement, check below;

Kar le jo krna ha - Ali Gul Pir

Above picture is taken from Ali Gul Pir’s official twitter account. LINK.

Let us check the complete song first, then let us discuss its video;

In the video AGP is saying clearly that he is not afraid of anything, you do, whatever you can do.

Video is recorded in the streets of Liyari, Karachi.

Here is what social media has to say about it, some people started calling it the anthem of anti sexual harassment.

Here is little bit of Ali Gul Pir,

He is rapper music star, his career boomed when wadere ka beta was launched, that song just got trending and now this.

No doubt he is full of talent.

Now writers and bloggers are waiting for reply of this song from another artist.

Let’s see how it ends.

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