Tangi By Google

Tangi By Google

Tangi By Google will be new product by Google specially made for tutorials.

Google is the largest search engine of the world and it is well known for introducing and experiencing new trends. Google has introduced Tangi on experimental run which is now available for IOS only.

It’s android version will be introduced later, till then if you don’t own IOS you can join the platform by signing up on the website.


Here is how it’s website look like;

How to download on IOS:

Click Here to Download the App from App Store.

Many content creators make long tutorials for their audience and also they earn from it. Google thinks that there should be separate platform for tutorials.

Good thing about Tangi is the videos will be limited to 60 seconds for now and longer version may be introduced later.

Although long video tutorials will be available on youtube as it is.

Benefits of Tangi:

  • Viewer will not have to wait for hours and hours to learn single skill which can be learned in a minute.
  • No more ads will be available in between the videos.
  • Search keywords will be specific.
  • It will save loads of time.

Drawbacks or questions;

  • Will it provide monetization in future if it succeeds?
  • What will content creator will get in return?
  • Is 60 seconds enough to learn little things?

Tangi vs TikTok and Byte:

The question just jumped into my mind that will tangi be a new Tiktok/Byte or it will be limited to tutorials in future?

For now it is specially introduced for tutorial creator not for fun like Tiktok/Byte. On the other end TikTok/Byte is specially made for vines and fun based videos.

Its ratings on App store:

Amazing things is it is getting very much postitive response on App store, it is 5 star our of 5.

This is one feedback from the user;

I feel inspired to try new things!

When I watch TikTok, I m entertained but I don’t feel inspired to try anything. Yet I feel inspired to pick up cake decorating, lettering and DIY (I actually did 2 DIY projects inspired by Tangi videos, feel proud of myself). I feel the Tangi community is very positive, and I feel very welcomed in the community.

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