Suzuki Alto sales

Suzuki Alto sales tops in H1 (FY 19-20)

Suzuki Alto sales tops in H1 (FY 19-20). Despite competition with united bravo and prince, Suzuki Pakistan managed to hits high charts when selling Alto VX, VXR and VXL.

Suzuki Pakistan had stopped the production of Mehran and they launched 3 variants of Alto. It is famous hatchback car with 660CC.

Here is the difference among 3:

  • Alto VX is basic variant without AC and Airbags.
  • Alto VXR has AC, speakers in doors, airbag and power steering.
  • Alto VXL is AGS (Automatic Gear) with full options.

Recent news is that all automobile industry announced losses in the 1st half of the year but after Mehran, Alto has managed to keep the position of Boss Car in the market.

Loss was recorded about 43% in car industry. Boss Car Mehran has record sales of 4684 units in one month but thanks to Alto, it has broken the records of Boss Car with 4924 sold units in September 2019. Total Alto sold was 23658 units even though prices were increased rapidly.

Alto 660cc Breaks Highest Monthly Sales Record 5

Well the other latest news is that Prince is launching its car today with name of Prince Pearl. So this is coming to break the market of Alto. Specs and prices of prince pearl will play major role in the market.

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