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Stop over youtube fight started by single video and reaches at assaulting fellow youtuber and it is not an end till now.

Stop over youtube fight started by single video and reaches at assaulting fellow youtuber and it is not an end till now.

So this article is not to spread hate and encourage anyone to fight over stupid youtube video war started by Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees. This all started when Sham Idrees asked Ducky Bhai for collaboration and Ducky Bhai (Saad Ur Rehman) refused to work with him, after that he thretened his family. (As per Ducky Bhai, no one knows the actual truth)

A question? Who threatens a family over refusing a collaboration? Who?

After that Sham Idrees faced lots of hate in Islamabad’s meet and greet session where all Ducky Bhai fans were shouting Ducky, Ducky. When Shamd Idrees and his wife Froggy reached Karachi, Froggy was attacked by some one and without any proof she made a video and said Ducky Bhai was behind this.


I guess this was the first time she opened comments section on video, can you explain this in my comments?

Here is the video in which Sham Idrees jumped up like a lame here and started shouting;

As per Waqar Zaka, Sham Idrees, Froggy and Shahmeer went in to restaurant, enjoyed their time for 1 & half hour.

Who does this after his wife was attacked?

So heard the news that Froggy being Sham Idrees’s wife attacked by some one in Karachi at meet and greet session. This has been a while now when Youtuber was started. After that many youtubers came and shared their views, most in favour of Ducky Bhai and very few in favor of Sham Idrees.

As Pakistani blogger (Parhley) and Human Being I condemn such act happened with Froggy at meet and greet. No one is allowed to hit anyone like this. This act is symbol of stupidity and jahalat.

Dear All youtubers including Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees;

Please stop this nonsense game over some views on your youtube videos, you must be earning hell of amount and as you have already gained lots of attention. But for God’s sake stop making such videos in which we show our youth the way of getting famous is fighting and making hatred videos.

Just Stop That.

Be a man, sit face to face and resolve your issues, if not then hire some good lawyers and talk in the respected court of Pakistan.

Tag Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees so that they could read it and sort their issues.

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