Recent HBL ad campaign of PSL is a copy of IPL

Recent HBL ad campaign of PSL is a copy of IPL. #Sad

Recent HBL ad campaign of PSL is a copy of IPL.This is very sad news.

If you are true fan of cricket and passionate marketing professional or student who have prime focus on advertisement then you will know that the recent HBL ad campaign of PSL is a copy of IPL

PSL is national pride of Pakistan when we talk about cricket. It was very hard and quite impossible to bring the cricket back home but after recent ad campaign Indians must be shouting out loud which is quite shameful for all of Pakistani cricket fans.

This is quite sad to share this ad review but it is my job to write reviews on ads.

Let’s have a look on both ads one is of HBL PSL and other is of Virgin Mobile IPL;

AdMadeDude has reviewed blunt on facebook and seemed very angry so was the fans and audience.

Here is few tweets;

Here is the few comments we found on facebook:

I do not understand which words we as Pakistani should use to salute those genuises who copied the exact ads from fellow country in the rival sports.

We as Pakistani cricket fans can tolerate anything but this was below the belt thing.

So 2 questions;

  • Is the marketing agency Indian?
  • The guy who proposed the idea, why did you do it man? You didn’t like your job or you had some serious concern about PSL?

Here is ad review;


Here is why;

  • Copied dialogues.
  • They could have copied any ad why IPL?
  • No creativity.
  • Waste of money and time.

If you say this is bias review then let it be because lesson should be taught so that no agency repeat the same mistake again.

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