How to start freelancing in Pakistan?

How to start freelancing in Pakistan?

How to start freelancing in Pakistan? This is the question almost every Pakistani search for even once in a life.

In this article I will try to answer this question and help you how to start freelancing in Pakistan and what do you need in freelancing in Pakistan.

Many students send me messages, how can I start earning online, what is freelancing, which platform is the best etc. Here is how you can hit start freelancing;

  • What is Freelancing in Pakistan?
  • Master an skill
  • Make connection with people in the market
  • Grab clients
  • Create a brand and maintain it
  • Freelancing Platforms

What is Freelancing in Pakistan?

Freelancing is something you do on your own and earn money, be it online or physical.

Before freelancing you need to know the complete details about freelancing. It is a misconception in Pakistan that only online business is freelancing or freelancing can be done online.

No. As mentioned above, it is not limited to online. For example if you are a photographer and you are not associated with any organization, you can grab portfolio or wedding projects on your own. This is freelancing.

Master an skill

Before stepping in to how to start freelancing in Pakistan, you should have some skill. It could be anything, you name it.

I have mentioned some top paying skills in this article. Click:

Do not play immature, freelancing is very vast field you need to master the skill before you play else you will be out on a duck.

So practice in the net before you play in the ground.

Freelancing Platforms

Make a profile on the major platforms. Here is the list of few;

  • Upwork:
  • Fiverr:
  • Guru:
  • 99designs:
  • Toptal:
  • Freelancer:
  • Peopleperhour:
  • Craigslist:
  • Freelance Writing Gigs:
  • Demand Media:
  • iFreelance:
  • College Recruiter:
  • SimplyHired:
  • Project4hire:

Make connection with people in the market

Know people, research a bit who is your senior in the field. Ask them questions wotk on them. Once you have skill and a good connection with any freelancer, ask them a project on low rates.

If your work is good, next time s/he will consider you. Join the major groups on social media like FB or whatsapp.

Always interact with them, give good suggestions, share your knowledge, show some work.

Grab clients

Remember this:

One Good or satisfied client is equals to 100 loyal clients and one bad clients is equals to 1000 bad clients.

It means 1 satisfied client will recommend you 100 more and 1 bad client may make bad noise in the market about you and grab your 1000 potential clients.

Always keep in touch with your clients, remember them on special occasions, wish them or share gifts. This will strengthen the relationship.

Create a brand and maintain it

Now when people know you, talk about you and recommend you. Now build a brand name, logo, tagline and go as a business.

Also give chance to new babies in the freelancing world.

Creating a brand is some how easier than maintaining it. Many businesses are good at start but fail later on only because they can not maintain the brand.

This does not end here, here is the list of things you need while you are searching for how to start freelancing in Pakistan:

  • Communication skills
  • writing skills
  • Negotiation
  • Maintaining a relationship with client
  • Patience
  • Never say NO

Communication skills

This is the major skill because it helps you to connect with your clients. It teaches you to talk to multi lingual clients, how to understand their requirements.

writing skills

Most of things in freelancing world is in writing, video and voice recording is least important here. You need to learn how to write a proposal, how to respond, how to send email etc.


Many freelancing platforms are bid based. If you do not know negotiation you may loose the bid and loose 1 next big client.

Maintaining a relationship with client

In this you should know how to start conversation and make relationship and how to make follow ups.


Freelancing is not 1 night millionaire game, it takes time and courage so you need to have some patience and wait for it.

Like they say in urdu;

Thandi kar k khao.

Never say NO

Never say a client No. Once you say NO then for client it will always be a NO from you. Try to catch the client on any negotiation.

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