Reasons why you must watch Prince Charming – A Pakistani short film

Life is pretty empty without a touch of entertainment. Right? Today, it is unimaginable to live a day without watching entertaining shows, movies, and flicks. What are your thoughts on today’s buzz? If you are someone who wishes to get updated about what’s hot on the cine-board. Then, you should know about Prince Charming – A spice of emotions! Prince Charming is a recent short film (released on Friday) by Sheheryar Munawar. The Film Highlights some delicate concepts that might stretch the couple’s pinpoints. And here, we will convince you to know why you should spend 11 Minutes watching Prince Charming? Without further ado, let’s get into the flow of magic!

Reasons: Why Prince Charming is a Must-Watch?

The answer would be a BIG YES – after delving into the reasons! You might be wondering: how can 11 minutes of shots be WOW? Well, urging you to know, some perks can lift on peaks without breaking the bank of hours. Similarly, this beautifully captured movie- prince charming – an engaging story keeps you staring at what happens next. If we share a brief about it, then Prince Charming features a matrimonial depression, a theory that many people might not even realize. And might get deemed sacred for some. The movie shows a silent predator in the stories of infinite married modern couples.

Prince Charming ‘Amazed’ Us For All The Reasons

Sheheryar Munawar steers us through a 45-minute drive in the daylight of a housewife, shocking us with the first few turns! After that makes us fastened with surprising twists and breaks us hard again with a final shot. Well, the directorial fusion of apparently tiny details that express the relationship of a couple & people’s mindsets is what elevates the watching experience.

#1: It’s a Visual Message Of Social Awakening!

The narrative of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s rhyme by Mahira and Zahid Ahmed is so fascinating that you will desire to keep hearing it. Both Mahira and Zahid get the chance to act two completely different roles of the equivalent personality, and they nailed it.

#2: It provokes the relation of today’s couples!

While watching Prince Charming together, you guys can realize the gaps that might be fading your relations. Mahira Khan deserves a protocol in this section as she drowns herself solely in Sheherazade’s story. She is a star of acting who knows how to deliver a range of emotions in a minor 11 minutes to combine her viewers. Bravo to the series of the vibes both actors are giving us!

#3: It combines the topic of post-marital depression!

Many of us are aware of today’s social thoughts and sacrifices. Prince Charming has stretched the pinpoint of loneliness of the one who lives just for her/his partner. Well, Mahira Khan has expressed the presence of a housewife whose everything is her husband and kids. Believe it or not, but prince charming is a set of bitter realities existing in the modern world.

A Wrap-Up with a Stream Spice!

(92) Prince Charming | Short Film | Mahira Khan | Zahid Ahmed | Sheheryar Munawar| SeePrime | Original | – YouTube

What would you say now? How will you express your feelings after overviewing this debut short film? Dear Readers! Prince Charming is a masterpiece launched by Shahryar Munawar. The flick has raised our expectations to the next level! Delving intensely into the themes and philosophy can sometimes become a good thing. And this job has been accomplished by this fantastic short film of mere minutes. After watching Prince Charming, you will be waiting for more such projects by Sheheryar Munawar. Well, it was a feast to mark and an ideal way to deal with this Friday night!

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