Oppo Smart Watch

Oppo Smart Watch (Game changer with 3d glass)

Oppo Smart Watch (Game changer with 3d glass) is expected to be launched in the end February 2020.

Oppo is now trending tech company in the field of mobiles and related gadgets. Images of Oppo Smart Watch are in the market since the annual day of Oppo in December.

A chineese company is not left behind in the updated technology. Now this smart watch may seem a copy of apple’s watch but with improved specs and design.

Here is the first look of the watch;

As you can see it resembles with apple’s latest smart watch but it does not have a round shaped button on it’s side.

Recently a tweet from Brian Shen who is VP (Vice President) of Oppo shared its latest teaser image on his official twitter account, here is what he has to say;

He is calling this watch as game changer in the watch market, as per this tweet we can expect the watch in gold and black color.

Major concern is its price;

Well, as per their cellphones, watch market is also expecting low rates with good quality product exactly like their smart phones. Which are affordable and has so many cool features.

Many people are saying it’s prices will vary or start from $150 or $199 and go upto $500. This is still not confirm, hope we have the best prices in the market.

Is it going to be next alternate of apple watch?

Yes, it seems so. It has so many reasons few are;

  • Design with its edge and 3D effect.
  • Prices
  • May be you will be able to connect with all android phones unlike apple’s watch.
  • Its latest features.

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