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Marketing Tip for Pakistani Startups – Know Yourself- Marketing Tip 1

Marketing Tip for Pakistani Startups – Know Yourself.

In previous article we shared the intro to Marketing Tip for Pakistani Startups,

Marketing tips for Pakistani startups – Intro

In this article we will share the number 1 tip of MTPS and that is not related to Social Media Marketing or any other form of marketing but this is only related to you and your brand.

In this tip you have to Know Yourself.

Know Yourself;

How much do you know yourself? Your products and services! Where do you see yourself in next 10 years and what your aim is. The changes which will occur because of you or your company.

You have to note these all above things which means to know yourself, your people, your skills set and your organization/startup.

There are 3 points to consider while knowing yourself below;

  • Be Yourself.
  • Be Consistent.
  • Know What you are good at.

Be Yourself;

People love original things, don’t you? So all you have to do is to be yourself and never ever try to pretend to someone else. Your originallity should be there and stay away from fake introductions.

Be Consistent;

On the other hand this is second point in which you have to be consistent, you do not need to change your things on every other platform. You have to maintain your introductions and services as they are.

For example; if you are marketing company, be marketing company do not introduce yourself as advertising on some platform and sales company on other platform. This leaves the worst impact on your audience and target customers.

In other words you do not need to add things up as per the audience but you have to tell the audience what you actually are. You have to show the same brand image and does not need to change it on different occasions.

Know What you are good at;

This is the most important thing in knowing yourself. You must know your uniqueness and what is that thing whih makes you different from your competitor.

For example; Many people say Coke and Pepsi is same but in real they are not the same, they have different taste, color and many other different things.

Here is the complete video, watch;

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As a startup in Pakistan we have to consider these all above things and we have to know ourself as 1st marketing tip. If you know yourself you can introduce yourself and create belief in people and make them loyal customers.


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