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COMSATS University Protest

COMSATS University Protest!

We used to hear the protest of aam awam for increase in prices of patrol, vegetable and other grocery items but today we heard a news that Teachers and Students are on protest against COMSATS university.

Here are the following things we came to know what the protest is all about, Initially protest was started by teachers to give them permanent positions or assign them permanent faculty tag but as time has passed students have joined in with their own terms.

Following are the demands of the faculty who started the protest;

  • They want their jobs to be permanent including teachers, peons, bus drivers and sanitary workers.
  • They want increase in the salaries.

Following the teachers here are following things students are demanding in the protest;

  • Grading system should be followed which is given by HEC and international standards, as we all know 4 GPA is on 90% which should be decreased to 80%
  • Fees are way higher, they should be relaxed and should be as of government institutes.
  • Scholarships are not for too many students, scholarships should be provided to majority students and quita system should be introduced.
  • There is no summer semester, summer semester should be introduced so that students could study well and load could be adjusted.
  • Student union should be formed.

Because of this protest exams have been postponed and many students are facing issues as they had prepared hard for exams, teachers have boycotted the exams till their demands are fulfilled.

This has been headlines in the news, check;

Join COMSATS Official Group on facebook to watch this video as this is shown to members only.

Here are few expected result of this;

  • Teachers will get what they demand.
  • but this will destroy students’ lives.
  • University image is drowned, many people will never join such a university in which teachers started to protest and students joined them.
  • Less admissions will take place and less students will get admissions.
  • Ultimately this is loss for whole nation as this protest is on in all campuses of COMSATS.

Following are few things which was found on the Social Medial

Here is 1 student has to say and hundreds of students followed;

“The same faculty never allowed us to record a protest against the semester fees which has been increasing every semester and CGPA issue but when their job is at risk they are asking students to join their protest.”

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Below is the best meme found on social media so far;


Here are some videos showing the protest;

Join COMSATS Official Group on facebook to watch this video as this is shown to members only.

Join COMSATS Official Group on facebook to watch this video as this is shown to members only.

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