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K&N’s Pakistan – ad review

K&N’s Pakistan – ad review, let’s review recent ad of K&N’s. Read below;

K&N’s Pakistan is very old brand who has specialty in poultry product since its existence in 1964. It was started by very young and talented student Mr. Khalil Sattar with only 1000 chickens. He had great vision for healthy Pakistan and children.

Well talking about the ad, they have good marketing team, here is the ad, check it out and we will review it after watching;


Well, ad clearly welcomes the chicken, how it is cut, bunch of things we can make from it, chatnis and ketchup, this ad is so foody that you can feel that you are hungry.

Of course ad is made with great honor to chicken, here is why this ad deserves a thumbs up;

  • They show chicken not any model who is over reacting or dancing in other ads.
  • No drama in the ad, you can not see any fancy dress or jootey. Its all chicken as K&N’s is proud to produce amazing chicken.
  • Ad is paak saaf from lame comedy and dialogues, action and thrill.
  • Animation is amazingly done with all the perfection.
  • It is mouth watering.
  • Well customer can easily remember the brand by its ad, and they may not be regular customer but for once they will surely try it’s products.

Ad reviewd by Team Marketist.

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