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How to lose weight? Here is how!

How to loose weight? Here is how! Read the blog and must watch the video.

We all must have searched once in life on google “how to loose weight?” but what we get in return is too many complicated ways and every other person shares different story.

Following is the only 3 ways to loose weight.

  1. Eat less
  2. Exercise more
  3. Watch in the video

Eat Less:

Well we all have one life so why miss any food and not enjoy food because we do not want to be fat? Sorry this is not happening as I would make my 1 last meal very special. You never know when you die!

Exercise more:

A guy like me who enjoys reading books, watching netflix and youtube videos, why waste time on exercise? I could watch another episode of Game of Thrones or Suits instead of exercissing.

Video Below;

Well, trust me, there are only 2 ways to be slim fit which are given above.

Considering how to loose weight I found following video on Social Media which shows great effort on how to loose weight very easily.

1st watch the video here;

Well in the above video, this guys shares the best technique to loose weight. he smells burger very hard and putting stone on his will power, making his heart stronger, he just smells the burger and eat the apple on the other side, same thing he does with fries, when it comes to drink a cold drink, he picks up 1.5 coke and smells it harder and all of sudden he drinks water.

Doing that he is doing 2 things,

  • Eating and drinking better and healthy
  • Controlling himself (Self control)

This post is to make you smile and share good message regarding junk food.

Also this post is written to get maximum views on the above video. Don’t mind.

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