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Islam 360 – World’s 3rd top Islamic app.

Islam 360 is complete islamic solution to all your islamic questions. Think about it, search it and feel proud that this app is made by none other than Zahid Hussain Chippa Founder and Owner of the app.

Some amazing things about Islam 360:

  •  An Islamic search engine.
  • Supports all fiqqahs
  • Reminds you namaz timings.
  • Translate anything for you.
  • Share any ayat or hadees you search
  • Multiple languages.
  • Available in 177 countries around the world.
  • 3.2 million users
  • Ad free (Nobody earns from the app, it is totally free)
  • Available on both apple store and android.

Here is the complete interview of Zahid Hussain Chippa with Umair Jaliwala in the program “Let’s Jaliawala”.

Why not give it a try and download it now and share to your family and friends.

Download the app by clicking here:…

Aur parhney k lye Parhley par click krein.

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