InstaMall receives pre seed funding from Arif Habib

InstaMall receives pre seed funding from Arif Habib

InstaMall is growing online market place, it has secured heavy pre seed funding from the business tycoon of Pakistan Mr Arif Habib.

2 brothers and amazing idea, InstallMall has been developed by;

  • Hashaam Riaz Sheikh who is former investment banker at Citigroup
  • Basit Riaz Sheikh who is a Ph.D. holder from Cornell University. He is also a certified AI (Artificial Intelligence) expert

Before we discuss further let’s highlight bit about Mr Habib;

  • He is business tycoon and probably one of richest persons in Pakistan
  • A Chairman at multi industry company having shares in;
    • Financial services (Banking)
    • Fertilizers
    • Cement
    • Steel
    • Energy sector
    • Real estate property development

Here what owners at Insta Malla re saying;

  • Huge gap in ecommerce industry in Pakistan
  • Only 1 % of retail is ecom
  • Lack of product quality delivered to customers
  • Late deliveries with follow ups
  • Sad to say low quality customer support

On the other hand, they said they have alried tied relations with leading brands in Pakistan including retail, electronics, cosmetics, fashion and footwear.

Dr Sheikh (Co-Founder)’s statement;

InstaMall is essentially a tech company using a sophisticated AI-powered technology stack to efficiently overcome the obstacles that have long hampered Pakistan’s e-commerce sector. Our strong growth and positive customer feedback demonstrate the value of our platform and validate that it is solving a major pain point in the market.

Mr Habib’s views;

Pakistan is now in the early stages of its e-commerce life cycle and has a growing middle class that is seeking a trustworthy online marketplace that provides a seamless customer experience. InstaMall has a promising vision and strategy to offer quality shopping experiences parallel to those of the best platforms in the region.

Looking forward to amazing competition to Daraz, Telemart and many others. What are your views, let us know in comments below.

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