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Fashion Sense

Fashion Sense is something not everyone possess. One needs to have that eye for what shirt looks cool with what pants and pair of shoes.

I being the member of Team Parhley suggested that we should come up with platform where we could start discussing fashion sense and tell people how to look okay in those 10 years shorts and pair of sneakers.

What is Fashion Sense?

Fashion sense is that you wear that nice floral shirt with plain jeans along with black shoes and without socks.

Here we shall discuss everything related to fashion, I will right once a week with proper research how to wear and what to wear for a cool birthday party or for friend’s marriage ceremony.

I will cover wide range of;

  • Dressing sense
  • Dressing sense for men/boys
  • Dressing Sense for girls/women
  • And more.

I believe everyone deserves to be look okay when s/he is out with her/his soulmate or dinner.

With this belief, I have started this part of the blog, stay in touch and keep visiting to read more about fashion style.

So no more hiding from pictures and sharing your dresses on your insta accounts. Just go out there and enjoy your momenet with what you have.

No more expensive clothing, when you can make your old clothes gold.

Top 10 reasons to follow Fashion Sense today and ask your friend to visit and check out once a while;

  • We focus on what you clothing and accessories you have rather than buying new one.
  • Regularly updated as per the trend.
  • To all the confused personalities who think what color to wear, not anymore.
  • Where to buy best clothes and clothing accessories at cheap rates which goes perfect with your style.
  • Style with attitude.

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