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Burger King Fake Burger is here for limited time. Read more;

This pandemic has changed loads of things which has led many brands to struggle more and more. Where most of the businesses has been shut down, on their other hand other brands keep coming up with new things.

Now the marketing department of Burger King Japan has come up with burger king fake burger.

Burger King Fake Burger:

Let’s have a look what the Burger King Fake Burger is, well they are saying that it is not a burger but you can eat it.

Also the blurry image found on twitter does not tell much about the ingredients. As the officials are saying that they are not going to reveal till near launch.

On the other they said it is going to be something meaty.

When this product be available to the eaters?

Well it will be launched on October 23rd this year 2020. So mystery cannot be unboxed until the mentioned date. Till then, we gotta guess how is it going to be, will it be something sweet or something spicy.

Or may be something related to Japaneese culture?

Unfortunate or fortunate news, whatever we may call it but it is going to be limited time offer as per the officials. It will last on the stores for only 2 weeks.

What is in your mind? Let’s discuss in comments below.

My point of view on marketing and advertising?

Well announcing on twitter is good thing company did. They just leave the mystery on the streets and leave it in open air so that people could be discussing more and more and curiosity could be increased.

All the people reading outside Japan must be curious too, this way brand will get unannounced branding and customers in other countries will wait for this too.

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