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Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees fight

Ducky Bhai and Sham Idrees fight

Well, starting off with an intro to both of them;

Ducky Bhai:

Ducky Bhai’s real name is Saad Ur Rehman as per his videos on youtube. Ducky Bhai is very famous youtuber in Pakistan who is very famous in roasting other youtubers. He is student and make youtube videos.

The way he makes videos may offend other stars, good thing about him is that if you ask him to delete the video, He deletes the video without any second thoughts knowing that he does lots of hardwork on making those videos.

Few months back He made video exposing Sham Idrees (Another Pakistani born canadian youtuber) and his wife (well known as froggy). After that Mr Sham Idrees blocked his facebook page and youtube channel. He lost all his fan following and videos, likes and comments on the videos.

But he came up with another youtube channel where he has reached 1 million + subscribers and counting.

Personally I am fan of Ducky Bhai’s videos, his creativity and content. Many youtubers follow him and appreciate his work.

Here is the video Ducky Bhai made in which he is exposing Sham Idrees and Froggy.


And Here is the recent video Ducky Bhai made after some stupid acts of sham Idrees which I will tell you below after this video;


Ducky Bhai is very clean hearted and very jolly person as per videos of him and other youtubers. PS: I have never met him.

In this video Ducky Bhai is explaining the scene which happened. Few days back Sham Idrees visited Pakistan for Meet and Greet event happened at Giga Mall, Islamabad. Where he called Ducky Bhai via Shahmeer that He wants to meet him. That is so low of Sham Idrees that he recorded that call and made a video and uploaded on youtube without any consent of Ducky Bhai. 2 things;

  • Recording any1’s call is unethical.
  • Uploading that call on youtube is super unethical.

Yes you can make videos and make fun of them because it is fun but a personal call. Sorry thats quite bad.

Well now lets talk about;

Sham Idrees;

Sham Idrees is canadian based Pakistani who started his youtube career with Zaid Ali T another famous and lovely Pakistani youtuber. Sham Idrees is youtuber and singer as per his youtube profile about section.

As per all youtubers who he has worked with, they call Sham Idrees a copy cat. I have watched his content, videos and vlogs.

  • He copies and paste.
  • His content is tatti and unlikeable.
  • I would never watch another vlog after watching one.

Sham Idrees is now called as Scam Iblees all over social media.

While at meet and greet event, following is the reaction Sham Idrees got from the crowd;

Here are the videos made by different youtubers for Sham Idrees and in favor of Ducky Bhai.

Here is what Zaid Ali T has to say;

Here is what Awesome Speaks has to say;

Here is Mr Mubeen’s response;


Irfan Junejo reaction is here;


Raja Jee on fire;


Dear All youtubers, content creators, bloggers, v loggers,

Please Please respect your audience who watches your videos and let you earn money from their views and subscribes. Give some good quality content.

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Please note that all this content is written from above youtube videos.

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