CoronaVirus updates today

CoronaVirus updates today at March 18th 2020.

CoronaVirus in pakistan has tighten its grip, cases reaches to 246 (reported)

Sindh is being on number one in this unfortunate race as many suspects are from Zaireen coming from Iran to Sindh. As per latest update;

  • 181 cases reported in Sindh.
  • Punjab 26
  • Balochistan 16
  • KP 16
  • Ajk/GB 5
  • Federal Islamabad 2

News from Islamabad: Hospital OPD has been shut down till further notice.

Safety measures are taken so that staff could be saved from deadly virus. These hospital which have shut down OPD and limited IPD and emergency include Al Shifa International, Rawal HBS and Nafees.

News from Sindh: No hospital will be shut down in Sindh.

Spokesperson of Sindh government Mr Murtaza has announced clearly that no hospital in Sindh will be closed anytime. He said government is trying to improve health system and taking possible measures for staff and doctors too.

Other news from Sindh:

  • On the other hand Rs.3 Billion fund is being processed for coronavirus disease.
  • Sindh government will distribute ration bags. Around 60000 bags are planned which will include rice, atta and pulses and dry milk.

KSA has suspended work in the privat sector of the country.

Every private sector will be stopped working till next 15 days, only health sector and food businesses will run as per schedules.

Education going online as per reports.

Pakistani government is to introduce TV education for people sitting at homes. It is suggested to PTV to launch 2-3 channels for purpose of education and telecast school lectures if school closure is delayed more than 2 weeks.

On the other hand exams has been delayed till June. Says Mr Shafqat.

Here is what President has to say on visit to china;

News from KP Minister;

Australia has declared emergency in the country due to pandemic covid19.

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