CoronaVirus update International Ministry says to clean your phone twice a day

CoronaVirus update: Clean your phone twice a day says International Ministry of UAE

CoronaVirus update: International Ministry says to clean your phone twice a day as precautionary measure to novel disease.

Nowadays, we use phones everywhere even in toilets, we scroll up and down or watch new trending video while sitting in the toilet while loo or play songs on it while taking shower.

After this thing I should tell you it carries more bacteria than anything else.

As this deadly virus has spread in all over the world and took multiple lives, Ministry of education UAE has asked everyone specially students to clean their phones two times a day as they may contain virus.

This is not limited to students as it is advised same to the people who uses public and office toilets.

Giant phone company Apple has issued a guide on how to clean apple products, for all the iphone and other apple products.

How to clean your phones;

Cleaning phones and other electronic gadets is always tricky because it can damage other things eg screen and charging pins.

Here is the complete guide on how to clean your phones;

  • Do not spray on your phone.
  • Spray on piece of cloth and then clean your phone.
  • It is recommended to clean phone cases rather than complete phone.

Via: Brandsynario – Image taken from FastCompany

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