Bejaan first 5 star hotel in Chitral

Bejaan first 5 star hotel in Chitral – Coming Soon

Bejaan is coming soon to put some jaan in chitral.

Development work of 5 star hotel has been initiated by Mr. Zulfiqar Bukhari (Chairman NTCB) on Wednesday.

Details about Bejaan;

  • It is going to be built on public private partnership.
  • The estimated cost is about $30M
  • Amazing view with 80 bedrooms
  • 2 restaurants.
  • Big hall with 500+ seating of people.

Amazing benefits of the 5 star hotel;

  • It will add 5 stars to tourism of Pakistan, which will provide space to spend night but also give the great place to dine in and have some quality time.
  • Employment opportunities coming up for the local residents.

Why it is named bejaan?

Well, the sole investor in this is Mr Anwar, who is overseas Pakistani has named this project after his Mother.

Where current government has always focused on tourism Mr Chairman (NTCB) said government is taking amazing steps to promote investment in tourism sector in overall Pakistan.

Along with that, PTI has come up with detailed plan on how to brand Pakistani tourism to all over the world.

Lastly he said that an eportal is on its way too which will be hotspot for tourists for around the world.

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