6 reasons why we should offer Jummah Prayer at homes due to current situation!

why we should offer Jummah Prayer at homes?

Death toll around the world has reached nearly 54000 and cases has reached to 1 million sadly. As the researchers say it is new virus and there is no vaccine to control its spread.

We only can save ourselves by keeping distance and washing hands regularly as virus travels faster if it is stick with hand.

Here is the 6 reasons why we should offer Jummah Prayer at homes due to current situation:

  • Government is asking.
  • Tawaf-e-Kaaba was shut down for many days.
  • Molana hazraat has said.
  • As per Molvi hazraat its sunnah.
  • To take care of yourself.
  • To stop its spread

Government is asking:

Keeping all political statments aside, governments are trying really hard to save the common men in every situation. Both federal and provincial governments are playing great part.

As they have asked us to stay at home and distant from other people. Many of us do not understand these and still goes out so they have to giver orders to police, rangers and army who are out there for your protection.

So just respect for few days and InshaAllah it will pass.

Tawaf-e-Kaaba was shut down for many days:

Kaaba is holy place for all muslims, if it can be closed for tawaf then we should follow these rules and offer namaz at homes rather than going out.

Molana hazraat has said:

Majority of muslim scholars uges to stay at home and offer prayer with your families.

To take care of yourself:

It is for our security, if God forbid 1 person is infected it can infect whole masjid and this will grow as we will carry it to homes and infect our family members too.

To stop its spread:

As mentioned we do not have any vaccine, we can only stop it and get rid of it by keeping possible distance.

You may agree with me or not but above article is based on the things we have heard from all the people around the world.

Stay at home, if you are healthy and alive, Our children will be too and this is how we will follow Islam in whole life.

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Author of this article is Muslim and a doctor.

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