11000 trees by Daraz in Karachi, Sindh

Daraz is set to plant 11000 trees in Karachi to overcome climate change in Sindh.

Climate change is one top priority and concern not only in Pakistan but whole world. If we do not plan to fight this now, it will have huge impact on our lives in future.

Daraz which is number one online store in Pakistan owned by Alibaba Group (Chinese) has announced that they will play their role by planting 11000 trees in Karachi.

The Company (Daraz) has joined hands with UNAP (United Nations Association of Pakistan) and Shan Foods, they have planted 70 trees already in previous month. They said they will continue to their target of 11000 in moonsoon season.

It all started from Daraz 11.11 sale. Engaging big number of customers, sellers and partner brands, it decided to put some percentage of profits earned from 11.11 sale in to plantation activities and making Pakistan a better place.

Out of 71 plants, 11 were planted outside of Aeroclub and remaining were planted in recycled boxes by students of NJW School.

Pakistan is in top 10 volnerable countries which could be effected by climate change, as per Oxfam.

Daraz’s aim is to contribute not only Sindh but whole Pakistan. The mission also includes to educate the children about the changing climate.

Here is what Daraz’s MD Mr. Ehsan Saya has to say;

There is an urgent need to take collective action to ensure a better Pakistan for our children. We have taken the initial step and encourage every customer and seller to join hands and actively plan out how they can personally plant trees across Pakistan.

Apart from the particpation of NJW School, here is other top institute which will play vital role in plantation drive with Daraz;

  • Habib University
  • College of Business Management
  • Institute of Business Management
  • Karachi Grammar School
  • Szabist Karachi
  • Haque Academy
  • Foundation Public School
  • British International School
  • Education Bay
  • The City School.

Daraz believes that this drive will leave better impact and will play vital role.

Well, Daraz has played its part, have you?
Plant a TREE today in your house so that your child could breathe well in future.

In very near future, parhley also plans such activities.

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