11 amazing features of Android 11

11 amazing features of Android 11

10 amazing features of Android 11. Are you ready to know about the next big experience of your android phones.

As always android is working on updates and new features to make user experience more easy and reliable.

What is Android 11?

Android 11 is the updated android software which is to be launched very soon. Previously we have been using Android 10.

Initially it will be available for google pixel phones.

Features of Android 11:

  1. Airplane Mode
  2. Better touch results
  3. Messages in bubbles
  4. Colored settings icon
  5. Storage
  6. No more need to mute while recording
  7. Screen Recorder
  8. Back gesture
  9. Support for Curved/Waterfall screens
  10. Dark mode
  11. Screenshots


1) Airplane Mode

Ever thought why Bluetooth is off when you turn on airplane mode? Well in the latest update Bluetooth will keep on. This is something good for all the people who uses Bluetooth devices as mic or headphones.

2) Better touch results

In the upcoming android 11 touch sensitivity will be improved. If you own a screen protector you will surely appreciate upcoming version of android.

3) Messages in bubbles

Now we will not need to download 3rd party apps to make conversations in bubbles. It will be built in android 11. You do not need to close 1 app to open conversation as they will pop up in bubble.

4) Colored settings icon

Icon of Quick settings will be multicolored.

5) Storage

New feature as scoped storage has been introduced. This is an add on to security level compared to previous ones.

6) No more need to mute while recording

We put phone on mute to record anything so that we could not be disturbed while recording. It will put on mute automatically when you start recording in next version of android.

7) Screen Recorder

Updated phones have this option as built in like my Oppo F11, but there are so many people who uses android but don’t have built in option of screen recorder.

Android 11 is coming up with this as most of the times we need screen recorder.

8) Back gesture

Android 11 will provide improved control of the sliders for the back of the screen.

9) Support for Curved/Waterfall screens

This feature will be helpful for software developers.

10) Dark Mode

Android 11 will provide us improved dark mode for multiple apps which will help phone battery to stay longer.

11) Screenshots

Scrolling screenshots will be part of the big update.

When it will be launched?

It is expected to be launched in the mid of this year 2020, may be September 2020.

As this is latest version and it is not recommended to download it as it will have too many bugs.

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