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Why parhley? – Parhlo sab kuch

Why parhley? Parhlo sab kuch. Top reasons to follow us and visit our website on daily basis or thrice a week.

Before I share why Parhley, can you share in comments why not Parhley?

Reasons to choose us over other blogs;

  • Ads and advertising news and updates
  • Latest Startups
  • Jobs PK (Helping Students)
  • Cinema PK (Pakistani Cinema news and updates)
  • How to – Guide
  • Property
  • Other Blog:
    • International
    • Earn Online
    • Business/Startup/Telco
    • Auto Industry
    • Mobile
    • Sports
    • Others

Ads and advertising news and updates:

Pakistani advertising agency and marketing department of many organizations work very hard on their promotion and advertising, We at Parhley write about the ads and share ad reviews.

This not only help marketers to improve their marketing agency but also it helps marketing students in their marketing and advertising courses.

We are on number 2nd in blog lists which shares ad reviews and advertising.

Latest Startups:

Most of the Pakistani startups fail because of less marketing budgets. We have a platform for the new startups. It is free marketing where we write about them, how they started, their services and other necessary information.

Cinema PK (Pakistani Cinema news and updates):

Want to read about Pakistani cinema and dramas, their reviews and updates visit Cinema PK here.

Jobs PK (Helping Students):

Jobs PK is one of its kind portion of our website where we share job strategy, what is new in job market and something like that.

How to – Guide:

Mostly we google how to do this and that, keeping this requirement in mind we launched How to – Guide where we share complete procedures of how to do things.


We have so many website for buy and sell of property but very few write blogs about property. Here you will find property related blogs and articles.

Other Blog:

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