HEC Announces Last Date For USAT Exam Registration

HEC Announces Last Date For USAT Exam Registration

What is USAT Exam?

The full form of USAT is Undergraduate Studies Admission Test. It is test for all the intermediate students who plan to register for degree program in any university.
USAT Exam is conducted by HEC and can be accepted in many major universities across Pakistan, although any university can take their exam but if university does not plan to take exam, they can proceed for admissions on the basis of USAT Exam.

How to apply for USAT Exam?

Here is the complete process of registration;

  • Go to HEC portal.
  • Fill up the form with all the necessary details.
  • Upload all documents
  • Click Submit (After that please check application status as draft or incomplete applications will not be considered submitted)
  • Pay the challan of Rs. 1200 in the name HEC and upload that as well.

Here is what HEC has tweeted;

Which group is test for?

Students can choose the group as they desire, available groups are;

  • Pre Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Arts
  • Commerce
  • Pre Medical
  • General Science

They can later submit the results to university.

Last date of registration of USAT Exam?

Registration for exam has already started and in process. Last date decided for submission of application is

December 27h, 2021.

Exam will be taken place next year on January 9th 2022. Till then study hard to get good scores.

List of questions that raised after this;

  • If university can take their own exam then why this exam?
  • Why pay different amounts to HEC and university, keeping most students come from not stable backgrounds?
  • What is the sole purpose of it?
  • Is it another way to generate funds for HEC?

Do you have any questions, please let us know in comments section below.

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