Top ways to find a job in Pakistan

Top ways to find a job in Pakistan after all websites are running after money and ruining careers.

This is sad news that all the major apps asks for money to rank on the 1st page to the employer. Well, I will tell you all top ways to find a job in Pakistan and that is totally FREE.

  • Online Job Portals
    • Rozee
    • Mustaqbil
    • Linkedin
    • Facebook Jobs
  • Newspapers
  • Referrals/Social Circle
  • Desired Company website

Finding a job is one hectic and irritating task, but when you get a job, you say Thanks God, all the effort was worth it.

Great HR guy once said, ” If you do not have a job, then make applying for a job your 9 – 5 job.”

Above mentioned are top ways to find a job in Pakistan.

Online Job Portals:

When Rozee started their operation, it was very good for applicants, they easily used to get a job. BUt unfortunately now Rozee has become more business than helping jobless people.

There are all other job portals which are famous doing the same thing as rozee. But they are great way to look out for jobsin the companies. You can always apply on their websites.

Do not pay to any job portal to get you a job, it never works, my experience. May be I am wrong.

Famous Online Job portals in Pakistan are:


You are free with no job. Then why dont you go to any public library and read newspaper. There are so many government and other companies which prefer newspaper ads for jobs.

Referrals/Social Circle:

Asking a favor is no bigie, you must ask people for jobs and tell them that you are open to any opportunity in their organization.

Organizations prefer employee’s referral.

Desired Company website:

List down all the companies in which you want to apply and google them, visit their website and contact them or send your CV via email.

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