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Sapphire – Caring for trees in new way

Marketist - - marketing guru - sapphire

Sapphire is a renowned clothing brand in Pakistan as well international. It provides variety of clothes in market i-e:

  • Formal wear
  • Informal
  • Daily wearing
  • Party clothes
  • silk tunics
  • scarves
  • Unstiched fabrics

This brand is not for just designers and models in modeling and acting industry but also this has been great influence on household.

It is know for his outclass quality of fabric and of course variety of clothing they provide.

Sapphire – Helping Pakistan become more green.

Talking about their greatness, Sapphire has intelligent team of marketing, we get know on regular basis they provide discounts on different occasion. But for now they are worth discussing on their recent act of packaging.

You must be amazed that they have taken great initiative for planting a tree which is very help for environment and beauty.

They have launched packaging which is plantable material and made of post consumer material. (No trees were cut to make these packaging.)

This packet is embedded with a seed in it, instead of finding seeds, all you need is to put that paper in pot full of mud the plant grow and in return you do no get any waste or any harmful thing. But you get beautiful flowers, healthy herbs and vegies.

Marketist - - marketing guru - sapphireMarketist - - marketing guru - sapphire

In my knowledge this has been number 1 clothing brand which has launched this campaign in years or may be 1st time.

As I was discussing with team, they were connecting the dots and saying this is how we can help build Naya Pakistan, which is more green, cleaner, beautiful, not creating waste of any kind eg: plastic etc.

If you think this is very good idea, please comment on below and share what are you going to do for environment? Also share your suggestions.

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Amazing step done for environment, what are you doing to make Pakistan better place?

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