Gas at Khairpur Sindh

OGDCL has discovered Gas at Khairpur Sindh

OGDCL has discovered Gas at Khairpur Sindh, after that OGDCL’s shares got raise by .48% in PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange).

Entering into new year, this is considered first discovery for the company in year 2020.

The news hit the stock exchange when they officially wrote to PSX about the discovery on Friday January 24th 2020. They discovered gas and condensate (liquid gathered by condensation) in the well (Metlo 01) which is located at Khairpur Sindh.

Note: Khairpur is famous because of dates and date palms trees. We not only provide locally but also export these dates to all over the world.

The joint venture of Ranipur block comprises;

  • OGDCL holds 95% as main operator
  • GHPL 2.5%
  • SEHCL 2.5%

OGDCL: Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
GHPL: Government Holdings Private Limited
SEHCL: Sindh Energy Holding Company (Privet) Limited

The news further said that;

Metlo 01 was dug up in 2019 on November 17th with the depth of 1504 meters inside upper goru formation (Technical Term used in Engineering). Drill Stem Test (DST) was done in Ranikot Formation and Sui Main Limestone which is based on wireline logs.

The exploratory well have been tested for;

  • Gas (1.85 million cubit feet per day)
  • Water (38 barrels through 32/64′

This is result of initiatives by the company of aggressive exploration activity. This is an achievement not only for OGDCL, GHPL or SEHCL but for whole country including surreoundings of Sindh. This will control the gap of supply and Demand model in the country.

Sindh and it’s reserves:

Well let’s discuss gas shortage in the province of Sindh.Sindh province has been blessed with such reserves, 1st Qadirpur gas field and now this. Following questions remained unanswered;

  • Will this exploration play any role in this?
  • Nearby areas get gas on discounted rates?
  • Is this going to harm the environment of Sindh?
  • How these industries overcome the wastage they produce which is harmful?

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