victory swim collection

Nike Swimwear with Hijab known as victory swim collection

Nike Swimwear with Hijab, also called as victory swim collection, the first ever swimwear with a hijab has been introduced by Nike.

Victory swim collection fulfills all the need of fashion. here is how it looks;


Above is taken from official Instagram of Nike.

As this brand keeps focusing on new innovation in their category of products, this will be an attention grabber for sometime.

This product for specifically for those females who are into water sports, above or beneath it.

As per reports of brandsynario, their official launch will take place in Febraury 2020. You can purchase directly from (Official website of Nike).

So question is how did they come up with the idea?

Here is what official has to say, they commented this idea was taken when a Muslim female athlete put a complaint. As you know most of Muslim women cover their heads under water which compromises the performance under water.

How this victory swim collection is different from products available in the market?

Well first of all it is branded by Nike so it is big selling point for the product. On the other hand this swimwear includes;

  • Hijab comes up with mash cap which is very helpful in keeping hairs in 1 place.
  • Swimsuit top
  • Bottom of swimsuit
  • Suit can protect you from sun light
  • Another thing is that suit comes up with bra

This suit comes up with wrap knit fabric which helps in drying very easily. It is amazingly light weighted.

Zahra Lari is the female skater to use the first ever suit. She has also been helping in research for the Nike.


  • Nike as always comes up with solution which fullfills the requirement of the customers.
  • As you can see the response of the brand on the complaint of single customer.
  • Brands should learn from this act of innovation from complaint and solve issues.

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