New Facebook look

New Facebook look, everything you need to know about it.

New Facebook look has been launched by Facebook for all users. It is same like mobile app and now can be used for desktop.

The change came in after the massive increase in video and voice call users. The new Facebook has built in messenger for desktop.

Here is the top benefits of new Facebook look;

  • Better Speed
    Now you can scroll up and down in a faster way. Previous version took a bit more time in loading but this version is faster than previous one.
  • Dark mode
    Now you can save energy for your eyes. Turn on dark mode and enjoy using it. Dark mode is something everyone is working on nowadays.
  • Group video calls
    Video calls will give you better experience where you can group chat or call in the latest version.

How to turn on the new version on desktop:

Shifting to new version is very easy, here is the procedure;

  • Log in to Facebook using computer/laptop/desktop.
  • Click on the drop down menu on the extreme upper right.
  • Click on the button which says, switch to new Facebook right under the settings.

New version without dark mode will look like this;

New Facebook update: How to get it with dark mode on desktop

With dark mode;

Facebook's new web interface is rolling out for more people, with ...

Images taken from google.

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