How to find the right job?

How to find the right job?

Finding your dream job is quite a challenging task these days. but in this article I will take you through how to find the right job for yourself. Please read full article or read at least following headings.

  • Make yourself available on all major job sites.
  • List down your skills (Keywords).
  • List down the organizations where you want to work.
  • Connect with the HR people online or events.
  • Don’t stop applying till you get the job.

If you are looking for a job, stop throwing your cvs to all the jobs available. Take applying as your 9 – 5 full time job.

Find, Apply, Relax, Wait and Repeat.

Make yourself available on major job sites;

Organizations these days prefer to find their perfect candidate using these online job portal websites. Best is Linkedin. In Pakistan is preferred. (This article is not sponsored).

In this era if you are not online you do not exist. Either you are the star people know you by some great achievement or you are available on these platforms.

List down your skills:

Write all skills you got on 1 page and add these as keywords on your online presence. Online world works on keywords, let me go through an example; what you write on google to search anything, google picks up the keywords and show you the content. Same goes with your CVs if you have same keywords any employer is looking for, you will surely get an interview call.

Organizations you need to work in:

If you do not have big dreams in life, why did you spend so much time and money on your degree? So think big and start from small.

Note down all the major organizations name, contact details (HR email) and their website.

Start Applying.

Make connections:

Social media has made easier for the people to start bonding or making social or professional relationship.

Connect to HR people, comment on their statuses, share feedback, let them know about your skills and when they will have any opening they will share on their social media accounts and then let them know who you are.

Bamm.. You will step up to next level. Interview.

Events: Go to events, socialize with people, introduce yourselves to people. This is the trick which works for both people who need to achieve their sales targets or get their jobs.

If you do not have a job, consider applying for a job as a job.

Wake up, have some good breakfast, read newspaper (Online is FREE and you can also find it FREE on public library), open laptop (If you have) else use public library for that too and do the above things.

Well this is not just blog but my life experience and trust me this works. You can thank me later.

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