How to earn while traveling?

How to earn while traveling?

How to earn while traveling? Ever thought if traveling was free and you could run your expenses from it!

Well I have done some research on how to earn while traveling, read complete article here on parhley.

Everyone wants to have a job in which traveling could be free here is the list of jobs or businesses you can do in which you could earn and travel for free.

Quote: If traveling was FREE, You’d never see Me again!

  • Become a Vlogger or Videographer
  • Travel Photographer
  • Job at transport company
  • Start your own transport company
  • Step into event management
  • Get a job in news agency
  • Tour Guide
  • Public Speaker or Trainer
  • Guest Lecturer or Teacher

Become a Vlogger or Videographer

Do you know Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo is one famous vlogger and content creator in Pakistan?

What is vlogging?

When you make a video on your daily life and upload it to social media or youtube so that others could see your experience.

Vlog everything whereever you travel and upload it to certain platforms and earn money from it. There is so many people I know doing this.

Travel Photographer

It is same profession as wedding photographer. Travel with people as photographer and earn from it.

Job at transport company

You can join the company as administration and enjoy everywhere that transport company sends you. Local example I can fix is that if you work in Daewoo or Faisal movers you can join as host or hostess and see different cities every now and then.

Start your own transport company

You can also start your own little company to enjoy traveling and earn from it.

Step into event management

Have some management skills? Arrange different trips of students and families and travel for free, also earn good from it.

Get a job in news agency

If you are good at reporting then join some news agency, they send you to different yet amazing places to report incidents and tourist spots.

Tour Guide

If you know famous places in your country you can become a tour guide for the people who are tourist and visits your country to explore things.

Public Speaker or Trainer

This is yet famous job in the youth of Pakistan these days, if you are good at speaking and have made outstanding platforms, then you can travel for free and also have some cash in pocket.

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