How to earn on Facebook?

How to earn on Facebook?

How to earn on Facebook? is one of the most searched question on the internet. Like all other online platforms like youtube, WordPress and Google, Facebook also has great potential for earning.

Here are the top ways on how;

  • Content
  • Facebook Pages
  • Groups
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Increase Web Traffic
  • Sell your own product


Well, like Youtube, Facebook also pays you once they approve earning model on your page. This happens once you have ton of likes, views, followers and fans.

Facebook pays you when you have 1000 impressions on the ad which is played on your video. There are lots of people who 1st upload their videos on youtube and then on FB.

Unlike Youtube FB does not ask whether the video is original or anything, all you need to have views on ads.

This is the only model where you can get earning from FB.

FB pages:

Well, if you have lots of likes on your FB page, you can ask brands that you will share their brand on your page and charge them.

For example; I have 100000 likes and the likes are from one specific city, you can ask that cafe who is available in your area that you will share about it and get paid.

On the other hand, there were so many people who used to make FB pages and sold them to other people, but this does  not work anymore. Because you could change the name of the page as per your requirement but you cannot do it now.


Why not put ad on your group’s cover page or pin the post of brand and charge them? This is easy model for all those whose group has 1000s of members.

Affiliate Marketing:

Well you can put ads of different online businesses, if the sale is closed you will get affiliate earning.

Web traffic:

If you have multi likes page or multi member group, you can share the content of your blog and start getting easy traffic on your website.

Sell your own product:

Like all other social media and youtube stars you can make your own product and sell it on Facebook.

Also there are so many people who own the shop and they only sell via FB.

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