Hand and feet care

Hand and feet care

Taking care of your hands and feet are as important as taking care of the face.
Hands can make a very strong impression so here are some tips to enhance the beauty of hands.


1.Exfoliate the dead skin of your hand by using a natural scrub. Take one tablespoon salt and mix it with one table spoon olive oil and massage your hand with this natural scrub and then wash your hands.

2.Make a mixture of lemon juice, rose water and sugar and then massage your hands with it. It will exfoliate away your rough skin of hands.

Moisturizing :

1.Moisturize your hands and feet with any lotion before going to bed.
2.Massage your hands with almond oil.Take some warm water and add some vinegar in it and lemon juice in it. Dip your hands for 15 minutes in this solution and then pat your skin dry with towel.

➡For feet

Cleanse your foot:

Take warm water.
Add some shampoo and vinegar in it and dip your feet for 15 to 20 minutes in this solution.
Pat them dry with towel.

For cracked heels:

Apply sesame oil or petroleum jelly into cracked heels overnight.

For whitening of feet:

1.Apply a paste of honey, wheat flour and milk to the damaged feet twice in a week.
2. Moisturize your feet with best moisturizer.
3. Wear socks all day long.
4: take rose water, aleovera pulp and lemonjuice and apply this mixture on your feet and you will definitely feel the result.

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