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Durex ad on #Metoo campaign – review

Durex ad on #Metoo campaign!


It is a campaign started in October 2017 with hashtag #Metoo. Main focus of the campaign is to share harassment faced in the past. This movement got viral on social media and till now it is on and off topic, trending on Twitter. Instagram and Facebook.

If you are reading from Pakistan and India, I have multiple examples of people who came forward;

  • Remember Meesha Shafi started off with Pop Star Ali Zafar. (Pakistan).
  • Many Pakistani actresses have imposed harassment on their working colleagues.

It needs great courage to share someone’s untold story specialy women who stepping up, thumbs up and thanks to all who are involved in this movement.

This will not only strengthen women but to explore their rights of security at home, streets, markets and most importantly work.

Durex ad on #Metoo campaign - marketist - marketing guru

Thinking about the hot and trending topic on soacial media, marketing team of durex India came up with great idea to support #metoo movement.

Durex Ad:

In this ad, the genous marketist says the golden words,

Before you even think about it, get cond.

Then he deletes d and type “consent”

Ad review:
  • Marketing is genius.
  • This ad shows how to connect dots and make people remember the brand.
  • This is not just an ad but they are being supportive to the people who faced harassment.
  • Ad is also showing a public service msg. “Get Consent”
  • Overall 9/10
  • This ad can be aired on TV and cannot be blocked like other condom ads.

Consent is very important factor, if the person is not willing to do anything, this means you are forcing her/him which is illegal and harsh action can be taken against this.

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