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Dark mode of Facebook Messenger is officialy launched.

Dark mode of Facebook Messenger is officialy launched.

Save your eyes now with dark mode available on Facebook Messenger. Previously this mode was available to specific people in specific countries around the globe but now they have launched it for every one.

It was difficult to on this mode, but Facebook now has made it very simple. All you have to do is following to activate the dark mode;

  1. Open Facebook Messenger available on your phone (Android/IOS)
  2. Click  your profile.
  3. Once your profile is opened it will be available on the top right below your name and profile picture.
Messenger’s Dark Mode Goes Live Globally
Dark mode of Facebook Messenger is officialy launched.

Why dark mode is appreciated?

This mode changes your white screen to black and via this you can enjoy using it in low light.

Google says dark mode not only relxes your eyes but it also saves mobile battery. There are many famous apps which offer dark mode eg: twitter and youtube.


If you are still unable to change the mode, please check for updates or wait for around 2 days it will be updated.

Please write your views after activating it in the comments.

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