CoronaVirus confirmed cases crossed 100 in Pakistan

CoronaVirus confirmed cases crossed 100 in Pakistan

CoronaVirus confirmed cases crossed 100 in Pakistan. It feels so sad to update such news but as my job to share such unfortunate news that number of cases are increasing in Pakistan, please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

It is hard time for us as we all know we have not top class facilities in hospitals so we need to take precautions so that we could save ourselves from medicines and medical tests.

Mr Zafar Mirza who is special Assistant to PM on National Health Services has confirmed 94 confirmed cases which were tested positive.

He said majority of the effected are pilgrims who have returned from Taftan to Pakistan. Traveling of these patients to different cities of Pakistan has increased the number.

He also said government of Sindh has taken all precautionary measures and situation is being monitored very closely. Further he mentioned that test kit has been delivered to 14 cities and there is no need to test if you have seasonal flu.

A request:

He requested to whole nation that in this hard time, we need cooperation from the nation. Government is taking actions, ranger personal is present at airports for initial screening of the travelers. Also they are organizing sprays in many buildings.

At the end he said PM Imran Khan will address the nation on this issue soon.

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