Car Sales decline in Pakistan in 2019

Car Sales decline in Pakistan in 2019 compared to 2018.

As this new government hold the charge of the country, many things changed including;

  • Economy of Pakistan
  • Dollar value increase and Rupee value decrease
  • An so many other reasons

This has left great impact on the import and car industry. Although it left impact on every industry but in this article we will be talking about car industry only.

When dollar value was increased, many companies includes Suzuki Pakistan, Honda and Toyota Pakistan increased their passenger cars prices.

Car sales decline in pakistan - Suzuki Honda Toyota Pakistan sales decline - pro pakistani - pro student - parhley - - blogger - bloggist - top blogger in pakistan - top blogging website of pakistan - parho - parhle - parh -parhloThis photo is taken from ProPakistani.

As per the report issued by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturer’s Association (PAMA), in previous month April 2019 total sales were over 17000.

After comparing monthly figures total sales was decreased by 14.1% from March 2019 on the other hand comparing yearly figures total sales has decreased by 20.7% from April 2018.

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Also did you know that import of small cars eg: 660 CC from other countries is stopped for sometime now. This decision was made by current government so that Pakistanis could buy home made cars which are manufactured in Pakistan.

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