6 cool things you could do on Netflix

Although there are many other things we can do on Netflix but here is 6 cool things you could do on Netflix.

Few of them we did not know it and others never tried it.

  • Watch Netflix Offline
  • Netflix Party
  • Put subtitles of your choice and customize it
  • Don’t wanna see Pakistani netflix? Use Blocker
  • Better quality and streaming on odd hours of the day
  • Tired of buffering you can stop it.

I know you are sitting in locked down at homes and either playing games or watching Netflix or youtube. This article is for information which you could use to have better experience using top class streaming service.


Watch Netflix Offline:

Do you have curfew time in your homes when your internet goes offline and you got nothing to do? Well you could use this great feature for Netflix on mobile that you can download your favorites from long list available.

Although this feature is not available for users who watch on laptop/computers you could use it on smart phones.

Netflix Party:

If you are having a long distance relationship where your lovely half is away from you then this feature is for you guys. You both can watch that last episode of your favorite series and Netflix party allows you to pause anytime anyone wants.

Here is draw back of that feature, in between if you change to watch something else then you will have to recreate the new session.

Put subtitles of your choice and customize it:

Customization is great featured offered by many companies as user could check desired things.

You could change the size and color of the font or change the font type by just going to account settings then profile and then subtitle appearance.

Don’t wanna see Pakistani netflix? Use Blocker:

There is so many things which are unavailable in Pakistani version, ever wondered to watch anything from outside country. Here is 3rd party tool which is not tested by Team Parhley and we do not know about security issues.

Just pay for 3rd party tool known as Media Hunt and start using netflix in your own country of choice.

Better quality and streaming on odd hours of the day:

Why netflix is slow at 8 PM daily? Because whole load is on internet and everyone is using. So to get better streaming experience plan it to watch when everyone is asleep or away working.

For example mornings.

Tired of buffering you can stop it:

Here is what Brandsynario writer has shared;

while playing a title, hold down Shift+Opt (Shift+Alt for Windows) and left click to open up a “hidden” menu (called the Stream Manager) with buffering fixes and other streaming options. If you are using Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+Alt/Opt+S to access this menu. If you’re streaming on Wii, Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3 use the directional pad click up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up.

If you know any other trick, let us know in comments.

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