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Why I love Kolachi Restaurant?

why I love Kolachi Restaurant?

Karachi is one blessing to food lovers after Lahore. You can find amazing food from streets to big restaurants. Kolachi Restaurant is one of the blessing Karachities have.

In this article I will tell you why I love Kolachi and why is it a must visit place whenever you visit to Karachi.

  • Tasty Food
  • Cooperative Staff
  • Sitting Area
  • Breath Taking View
  • Blessed Parking
  • Tourist spot


Kolachi Restaurant - spirit of karachi - marketist - marketing guru 1

Finding quality and tasty food is one great hack for foodies. Kolachi Restaurant’s menu is very rich

from desi to wilayti, everything is cooked with perfection.

It is just exact thing, right amount of masalas make the food tasty. Karachis, Kebabs, Malai Boti (Almost everything) is one good menu to try at Kolachi.

  • Tasty
  • Perfect amount of masalas
  • Presence
    • Oh My God, they make it so beautiful, you cant stop yourself by taking picture of the food.
  • Clean food with clean plates.


For any restaurant’s success, it is major thing to have cooperative staff. At Kolachi all of them are well mannered, they put crown of smile on their faces all the time. You can never see anger on their faces and they apologize for anything they do.

There was this feedback I was reading on their FB page, Kolachi Staff once brought wrong order, they apologized along with the little treat, they did not charge for it.

Kolachi Restaurant - spirit of karachi - marketist - marketing guru 1

Sitting Area:

When you enter, there is this big logo of Kolachi reflecting lights. It is spot considered as selfie spot. Inside the restaurant there is pleasing music and feels like kings landing.

Everyone is at your service and that smell of food. Lovely.

Kolachi Restaurant - spirit of karachi - marketist - marketing guru 1

Breath Taking View:

Are you married? How come you never went out Bhabi at Kolachi? Hey Bhabi, after reading this, ask your Hubby to take you there, I guarentee, you will have great time and enjoy.

Kolachi Restaurant is located on Do Darya right above the sea level. When you sit there, you can have that cold breeze and water voices welcoming you. It is whole new level of sukoon when there is this moon reflecting on water.


As we all know we face a massive problem while going out with family in Karachi, we face no parking lots of time. Kolachi has good parking space outside.

Tourist Spot:

Well, I think if we could make a little big spot there and our government can earn from it. Our government should think about it once. It is little investment for them.

Well if you have read complete article, you will surely go there by tomorrow.

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